Image Perception Research

Medical images contain a significant amount of useful information for the diagnosis of a given patient, but they also contain even greater amounts of distractions. How do physicians separate the signal from the noise? Which type of information do they use in their decision making process? These are the primary focuses of the research of Claudia Mello-Thoms, MS, PhD, which combines principles from, among others, Cognitive Psychology, Mathematical Modeling and Machine Learning Systems to (1) create an Internet-based tutoring system that will teach novice and general radiologists the early signs of breast cancer (K01 grant, AHRQ); (2) simulate the learning behavior of Pathology residents as they read digital slides (R01 grant, NIH/NLM, PI: Crowley) and (3) develop statistical models for visual search (R01 grant, NIH/NIBIB, PI: Chakraborty).