Lujia Chen, PhD

Room 411B
5607 Baum Boulevard

Post Doctoral Associate, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Research Advisor: 
Academic Advisor: 

Research Interests

Microarray data analysis

Machine Learning


BS  (2008, Biological Technology) University of Science & Technology, Beijing, China

MS (2012, Biomedical Informatics) University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA


2005   The Renmin Scholarship (People's Scholarship)  A scholarship given to excellent student according to academic performance

2005   The Outstanding Freshman Award.  This is an award to the students with highest college entrance scores in students from a region (in my case, Shanghai)

2006   Renmin Scholarship

2007   Renmin Scholarship

2007   The Honor of Excellent Student Leader

2008   Renmin Scholarship