Spring 2017 Department of Biomedical Informatics Colloquium Series

Location: The Offices at Baum Room 407A/B

Date Time Presenter Title
01/06/2017 12pm - 1pm Carla Gallagher, PhD Human Genetic Variants and Lung Cancer Risk
01/13/2017 9am - 10am Douglas Landsittel, PhD The Role of Causal Inference in Biomarker Studies
01/20/2017 9am - 10am Zongqi Xia, MD, PhD Multiple Sclerosis in the Omics Era
01/27/2017 9am - 10am Milos Hauskrecht, PhD Cost-effective Learning with Auxiliary Soft-label and Expert Information
02/03/2017 9am - 10am Lo Chieh In Silico Evaluation of the Impacts of Quorum Sensing Inhibition (QSI) on Strain Competition and Development of QSI Resistance
02/10/2017 9am - 10am Carl Kingsford, PhD The Experiment Discovery Problem: Methods for Searching Large Databases of Sequencing Experiments
02/17/2017 9am - 10am Mary Boland, MA A Systems-Level Approach to Understand the Seasonal Factors of Early Development with Clinical and Pharmacological Applications
02/24/2017 9am - 10am Nancy Lan Guo, PhD Biomedical Informatics in Personalized Medicine and Risk Assessment
03/03/2017 9am - 10am Andy King, MS Eye-tracking for clinical decision support: A method to capture automatically what physicians are viewing in the EMR
03/10/2017 9am - 10am No Lecture Spring Break
03/17/2017 9am - 10am John Paisley, PhD Some recent developments in scalable Bayesian modeling
03/24/2017 9am - 10am Richard Boyce, PhD Towards Automated Fall Risk Decision Support in the Nursing Home
03/31/2017 No Lecture No Lecture
04/07/2017 9am - 10am Sanghoon Lee, MS; Xueer Chen, MS; Timothy Mtonga, BS TBD
04/14/2017 9am - 10am Chandra Rathnam, BS and Luca Calzoni, MD TBD
04/21/2017 9am - 10am Saja Al-Alawneh, MS and Sam Rosko, BS TBD
04/28/2017 9am - 10am Jason Moore, PhD, FACMI TBD